Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wrap me up in Wallpaper!

Wallpaper has made a real resurgence recently, when you hear the word wallpaper, no longer do we think of the bad 70s or 80s wallpaper we may have grown up with wallpaper is a huge design trend and not only are the patterns and colours limitless, but now you even have choices in the installation methods with the traditional glued on wallpaper or removable wallpaper, which is fantastic for renters, or those that don't want to commit to the decision to have permanent wallpaper for too long.

Check out these fabulous designs below, its great to see so many different styles I would have never thought would work but they absolutely do! Which do you like best?

Interior designed by Tobi Fairley Source: SimplifiedBee
Another Ferreira Design source: MarcusDesign
Saraille Wallpaper - Cobalt Blue: RocketStGeorge
I want one of each type but I don't have enough rooms in my house! They are all so beautiful and unique, each of them creates such a different space and vibe to the room...
I'm definitely adding them to my wishlist for my dream home :)

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Black in Bathrooms

Statement pieces in the bathroom is a real trend at the moment, and what more striking effect than using black! I love the use of black in taps and fittings or fixtures in bathrooms, there has been a lot around lately and I'm hoping this is one trend that will be lasting because I absolutely love it!

Have a look how black has been used in the bathrooms below, what do you think? do you like it?

I love the simplicity of this Milli Axon Basin Mixer with the touch of black, its so sophisticated in its design. If this is something you like, check it out at Reece
Black was used in subtle ways by The Block's 2014 contestants Kyal and Kara for their industrial-luxury themed bathroom.  You can see it in Reece's Milli Axon range of floor mounted bath outlet and shower mixer, as well as in the vanity and vanity mixers in the pictures following. It really is a luxurious looking bathroom with those hints of black giving it a glamorous feel with lots of attention to detail in the selection of fittings and fixtures.  A beautiful job.

Designed in Milan, this Kaldewei Conoflat shower base in black is a low profile design that sits flush with your bathroom floor, giving it a very sleek sexy look, but also making it practical with no edges to walk over or trip on.  Its made of 3.5mm steel enamel and is available in 29 different dimensions.

Or if you'd prefer a stunning bath as the centrepiece of your bathroom look no further than this Caroma Noir 1700 freestanding bath, a very sleek and elegant design, but with an organic shape and high back so you can soak and relax your troubles away.
What do you think? is black in bathrooms a fade or a trend that will last the test of time?

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Monday, June 16, 2014

The most visited city in the world, Paris!

Living in Paris is dream for many, myself included!

It is such a beautiful romantic city with the most stunning architecture, you can find buildings from the Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, and Classical periods. 

Parisian style and design trends are timeless, elegant and classical, they ooze glamour and sophistication, Id just feel like a princess in any of these dream home will definitely have a strong Parisian influence in it.

A key feature of traditional Parisian apartments are high ceilings, large windows, large rooms and traditional mouldings.  Many of our humble homes unfortunately do not cater for these options... but we can all dream cant we?

Look at these beautiful white walls with the intricate cornice and ceiling panels, they are so delicate but yet so grand as well!   You'd definitely need high ceilings in your home to make something like this work...but how amazing does it look!

A simpler design with still a Parisian feel is this Vancouver home below, it mixes modern elements in the furnishings, with the timeless elegance and delicateness of the French architecture in the large white windows, the intricate cornice and beautiful fireplace.
 This next apartment belongs to French designer and architect Florence Baudoux, it was once owned by the French royal family and was the private residence of the Duke of Montpensier, the fifth son of King Louis Philippe.  She has done a beautiful job in restoring the apartment keeping the character of such an exquisite period in time.        

I love the light grey on the walls mixed with the pink hues in the furnishings...                                  
Designers’ Gilles & Boissie own this 19th century apartment and furnished it in keeping with the traditional architecture, while adding modern elements from their own collections. 
Beautiful large black windows, feature traditional herringbone flooring, light and bright colours
The blush pink is such a lovely subtle colour for those beautiful drapes.

Are you in love with this style as much as me? Its so romantic and beautiful! Definitely on my wishlist for my dream home...

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Etsy Finds

Have you been on Etsy lately?
Have a look at these beautiful treasures for the home I found on my Etsy shop today! Aren't they gorgeous! 
Etsy: Mellsva
Etsy : ElfShoppe
Etsy : NestaHome
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Emerald Green

That's me in the purple!

Little did I know back in the early 90's when I was helping my Mum and Dad paint their hallway emerald green that they were WAY ahead of their time in design flair.... ;p

As it turned out, the same colour was last year's Pantone Colour of the Year!

Every year Pantone surveys designers and suppliers about the colours they are featuring to help its decision in announcing what colour will be changing the landscape for the next 12 months.

Yes I know I am a bit behind the times because this is last years Pantone colour of the year... but I've seen it been used in such beautiful ways I really wanted to show some of its beauty in todays post.

I love this colour, it has a real universal quality that can create both a luxurious and a casual feel.  Depending on what it is teamed with in the room, it can be used for a modern or classic styled area.
Creating a luxurious bathroom
LauraBritt Symphony Showhouse
Simply divinely elegant drapes
Drawing our eyes up the inviting staircase  whilst adding a few pops of green below
I'm loving emerald green with the pops of pink!  
Or just for a statement piece like the desk or vanity mirror below 
Tell me what you think are you a lover of this colour? do you think itll stand the test of time?
I know my parents hallway is STILL emerald green today, twenty years on! :)

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Geometric Tiles

Geometric patterned tiles are really popular at the moment, if you watch the renovation reality TV shows you would have seen them used on The Block and House Rules...
 I'm a huge fan of them, I think they are a great look for contemporary bathrooms as they add drama and style.

 There are a tonne of prints, patterns, sizes and colours available, my personal opinion is that the bigger sizes work best for a feature wall only, not for all walls as you don't want the pattern overtaking the bathroom....but the smaller mosaic geometric tiles can look great for all walls or just a feature wall, depending on the size of your bathroom.

These pictures below show how fabulously geometric tiles can work! I love them! They are on my wish list for my bathroom! would you try something like this in your bathroom?   


The Blocks 2014 contestants Kyle & Kara used large honeycomb or hexagonal tiles in their first bathroom. I love this modern look together with the concrete colour floor tiles that is softened with the timber vanity.
Smaller hexagonal tiles can look fantastic too, in the bathrooms below they have been used throughout the bathroom, which works well because of their size and light colour.
Trixie and Johnno from The Block Sky High in 2013 used some pops of colour in these Mutina Tex Geometric Pattern Tile (you can get them from Reno Exchange).
Loving this fantastic bright bathroom with modern black and white tile pattern.  It goes so well with the gold accents of the mirror and vanity handles, very chic.
The beautiful soft tones of these herringbone tiles add real glam and sophistication.
There are so so many other geometric tile choices available, these are just the tip of the iceberg... go have a look at your local tile shop and see if there's something that you love , maybe you can use it in your bathroom or ensuite?
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Copper is the new black

The use of copper in interior finishings has been very popular lately... I've seen it used in interior design in a variety of ways, from feature pieces to everyday items. 

Copper has such versatility to it, standing out but without taking over, timeless but remaining modern, can be used in a feminine or masculine setting, and adding a touch of glamour but without overdoing it....

I love the use of copper accents, it adds a real sophistication to any interior. 

Its use as a wall lining in the apartment below is a great way to add warmth to the room.

An absolute stand out is this Tom Dixon pendant in the next few interiors...I love it what a stunner!

Or in subtle uses like this Copper table lamp and beautiful copper topped side table

Photo :TorieJayne Lamp :LuxoLiving

Or statement pieces like this Copper chair or copper bedhead

What about using copper for these accent pieces like this copper hanging planter from Etsy
Or fabulous copper jewellery rack also from Etsy
What do you think? would you use copper in your home?

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