Thursday, October 30, 2014

Some of my favourite bathroom designs...

I'm thinking to renovate my small bathroom... so I've been looking at a lot of pictures for ideas.

Here are some of my favourite bathrooms, they give me inspiration for renovating my bathroom ! I cant wait!!!  









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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Do you like timber clad houses?

Timber for an external cladding choice is so versatile, there is quite a range in the materials, colours, installation method and finishes that you can select.  This house in Seattle is a beautiful example of how timber can be used to create a modern home. 
Ive never been a timber girl but have been slowly warming to it more and more because of places like these...they really create a beautiful architecturally interesting home.

The external cladding for this house is a composition of painted fibre cement which provides a neutral background for the natural cedar timber. Internally there is a contrast of black windows with white walls, and accents of natural cedar mixed with blackened steel.

Its a stylish mix of materials and creates a modern industrial style home but with a warm natural feel.


 What do you think of using timber for your home?

Photos courtesy of TheContemporist

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Home of Jenny Bernheim

I am besotted by this art deco Hollywood home I saw on Mix&Chic.  It is owned by Jenny Bernheim (fashion blogger from Margo & Me), but it wasn't planned, infact it almost never happened.... but fate stepped in.  Jenny was planning a big move from Los Angeles to New York City, but a few months before her one-way flight she met and fell in love with film producer Fred Cipoletti, and the move was soon cancelled.
“Meeting the man of your dreams will make you do funny things,” said Jenny. “Everything in life happens for a reason. And we were meant to be each other’s happily-ever-after.”
What a beautiful story.
And what a beautiful home!

What an inspiring home, and isn't her pooch adorable too!
Photos courtesy of Domaine

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Pop of colour

Pops of colour in your interiors are a great way to add a bit of excitement, brightness and fun into your home.  And there are no rules! you can choose any item of furniture, and go any colour! and even better, its something you can try to do yourself! How about update an old piece of furniture with a colourful makeover !

Check out these ideas you might get inspired to do your own!

Are there any items of furniture in your house that you could transform into a bright colourful accent piece?

Has that got you inspired to paint any items of furniture you have at home? or maybe search the second hand stores or garage sales for some fantastic finds! I know what Ill be doing this weekend! :)

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