Friday, September 26, 2014

Graffiti Art

If you love to make a statement in your home, if you want something edgy, exciting, colourful and something different to make an impact ... then graffiti may just be the right thing for you!  It certainly isn't a new design trend but its probably something that not many people think of for the interior design of their home.
Graffiti can look amazing for a feature wall, and is perfect in place of artwork as it is a work of art in itself. 

Its a fabulous way of expressing who you are or  what you like, and says a lot about your personality.  It would be perfect for a teenagers room as it stimulates the imagination and encourages expression outside the box! 

If you're not brave enough to paint graffiti straight on your walls how about a hanging graffiti artwork instead?
There are lots of ideas to give you some inspiration!

 What do you think of using graffiti inside? Would you do it in your home?

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Copper roof..... Great James Street Design

London has some fascinating architecture from its vast history, many of which have been restored, but some unfortunately have been left to deteriorate. GMS Estates bought two dilapidated terraced Georgian townhouses in Great James Street in Bloomsbury with a vision of renovating them with contempory architectural design and commissioned Emrys Architects to make this happen. The property suffered bomb and fire damage during the Second World War and although there had been work done to the building, parts of it were in such disrepair that they were only suitable for storage.

GMS Estates wanted to create an office environment that broke the mould of confined working spaces, opening up the area to encourage easy communication between employees.

My absolute favourite feature of this building is the copper-alloy folded roof. It is such a clever design and beautiful at the same time, and Id imagine it would have been quite expensive to do too! 
Underneath this structural feat is a beautiful asymmetric lofted ceiling with recessed lighting that accentuates the geometric planes and angles.  


Other beautiful features of this design are the cantilevered timber staircase, and lime washed chevron parquetry flooring adding warmth to the office space.



The architects have done an amazing job in creating a beautiful contempory design in a two hundred year old townhouse.
Do you like what they have done in this renovation?

Photos courtesy of DeZeen

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Watercolour Walls

Lifes too short for white walls! You probably haven't seen much of it, neither had I... but check out these beautiful watercolour walls! Watercolour creates such a calm and gentle feel, but yet is quite fresh and certainly a statement for your room too!
And to make it more exciting this is even something you can do yourself! hooray! Using a process called colourwashing (see video instructions here), or you can buy a kit which will walk you through the process step by step.
You might find some inspiration in these fantastic watercolour walls below, they would certainly make your interior a one of a kind!







Or if youre not sure you can commit to painting water colour on your walls how about this adhesive watercolour wallpaper?


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Monday, September 22, 2014

The Block Glasshouse - Ensuite reveals

Second last reveal on this season of The Block Glasshouse! And this week was ensuites...
Some really gorgeous designs and choices in the fittings... unfortunately Chris & Jenna were unable to finish but when they do their ensuite will be a winner for sure!
What do you think which did you like best?
My favourite was Dee & Darren's ensuite but they were pipped at the post by the boys Shannon & Simon, who did present a spectacular ensuite complete with handcrafted American Oak bath!
Here's the winning room here... what do you think? do you love that bath? it is a beauty! how about the bath outlet hanging down from the ceiling! Very interesting design but certainly something different!
My favourite, Dee & Darren's ensuite. Classic, classy and sophisticated.
Michael & Carlene's ensuite. Beautiful, sleek and elegant.
Max & Karsten's ensuite. Edgy and stylish.
 Chris & Jenna's ensuite.  Unique and clever ideas.

Lots of clever innovative ideas and designs don't you think? would you like to use any of these ideas in your bathroom or ensuite?

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Black walls

I love black walls! They have a stunning dramatic sophisticated and seductive effect that can suit  either a modern or a classic interior style. 

But they do take courage to do it.... I think it helps to have the right type of house to get away with black walls, one with high ceilings, light coloured floors, and lots of natural light ...
You can always soften the harshness of black walls by using timbers or textiles (rugs, throws etc) in your room, or by adding contrasting furniture which balances the rooms feel and makes it less heavy.
Do you think you're courageous enough to try back walls? Enjoy some inspiration and let me know what you think...


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