Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mexsii Bedheads

If you've been watching The Block Glasshouse you would have seen the fabulous bedhead that Shannon and Simon revealed in their master bedroom. Well this masterpiece is the brainchild of Melbourne based design duo Sarah Falzon and Merryn Paul, who collaborated to form Mexsii .  I recently had a chat with Sarah about Mexii and their wonderful work.

What was it that brought this fabulous idea of art and the bedhead together?
Merryn is an upholsterer and interior decorator by trade and was beginning to become uninspired with the lack of bed heads she was creating for clients. After using the same fabric and design style time and time again she wanted to create something different and thought about combining artwork and bed heads! The idea originally was created just for Merryn to have her own bed head although after discussing it with friends and myself we saw that there was a viable place for this in the industry.

I've read that you have found inspiration through travel including your visit to MONA here in Tasmania (I live in Hobart), it is an amazing place to visit isn't it! Where else do you find inspiration and what influences your deigns?
MONA was incredible, I was there in November last year and was lost in a sea of inspiration! Nature and travel are our biggest source of inspiration however we do find inspiration in the simplest of things in everyday life. Sometimes just sitting in a café and people watching can spur on a great idea!

Tell me a bit about your background before the start of Mexsii?
I have a background in business & marketing and have worked in larger organisations my entire career, however have always had a passion for small business. Merryn is an upholsterer and interior decorator who has upholstered everything from chairs and sofas to even gym equipment!!!

Have you always wanted a career in the design industry?
I am very inspired by design and appreciate a considered approach to design however to say that I always a career in the industry would be false. I always aspired to have my own small business.

Merryn has always had an inherit love of design and is the “designer” in this duo. She has spent her whole life creating, designing and drawing and couldn’t live without a career whereby she made beautiful things.  

 What does a typical day at work involve for you?
Generally checking emails first thing and then responding to customer enquiries, doing some social media posts and then making my way down the never ending to do list! Recently I have been getting my hands dirty out in the workshop as we have been super busy, so I can sometimes be found sanding timber or sewing piping!

Merryn spends most of her time in the work shop these days although still manages to squeeze in some time for planning our next collection.

What are some of your favourite resources for creative inspiration?
 Instagram is a great resource for inspiration, people post amazing things and it’s so easy to get lost in a world of beautiful imagery for hours! Interior & fashion magazines are also great, as is wandering through galleries and pop ups in Melbourne.

What advice would you give for someone wanting to start their own business?
Make sure you are prepared for loads of hard work and a rollercoaster ride of emotions as everyone has good and bad days. Grow a thick skin, not everyone is going to like what you do but as long as you do and you keep adapting to the challenges thrown your way you will make it.  Also physically write down why you are starting your business and refer to this when you need to make tough decisions, it will make you stay true to your brand.

Quick Five

What's your favourite magazine? The Collective – it picks you up when you feel like it’s all bit too hard!

How would you describe your home's style?Eclectic, I love colour and am not a matchy matchy person

What's your favourite item in your house?A painting I bought from the favelas in Brazil, very colourful and captivating

What trends are you loving at the moment?Metallics – I love a bit of glitz on everyday items!

What's your best design tip?
Make sure that your designs are not only beautiful for yourself but also functional, there is no point having something that looks amazing but is not practical.

Thanks so much Sarah we love the fantastic work Mexsii has achieved and look forward to the exciting future ahead. 

If you want to see more of Mexsii or purchase some of their designs visit them here.
Photos permission from Mexsii

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The Block Glasshouse - Master Bedroom reveals

Master Bedroom and Walk In Robes were revealed last Sunday night on The Block Glasshouse.. and the winners were Max & Carsten with the room below.  It was very bright and sunny, I love the window, the sheer curtains and the pendant light.  I think that theres probably a bit too much orange happening in the small space but the artwork is stunning still.

What do you think?

Chris and Jenna's copper walled master bedroom got a lot of comments... mostly saying as beautiful as it was, it was just too much for the bedroom and it created a cold space.  I think the photos look great but until you see it in person I guess you don't really get a feel for how it transforms a room. 

A great idea but perhaps not used quite right this time... But a beautifully styled room none the less.

A rough week for Darren & Deeanne saw them have to leave prior to room reveals for family matters so their fellow contestants styled their room for them, and they did do a great job.  The design of the room was great, I love that fireplace and the soft panelling behind the bed, it makes it a very cosy bedroom, plus the pops of colour in the artwork and accessories in the room bring some life to the space.

I love this bedhead that Shannon & Simon used... it is art in itself which meant the rest of the room could be subtly styled, which they did an amazing job of. I love the copper bedside pendants and the timber panelling under the window.  I could live in this room for sure! One of my favourites!

Michael & Carlene did a stunning master bedroom I thought.  Its very sophisticated glamorous look emphasised with those exquisite Tom Dixon pendant lights! they are beautiful! I'm actually surprised they didn't win because it was a beautiful room.

What do you think of the rooms? which is your favourite?

Photos courtesy of KatrinaChambers & JumpIn  

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bring a little sunshine in my life!

Yellow is a fantastic way to brighten up a space with its vast colour spectrum from neon yellows, to bright and sunny yellows, to buttery soft yellows. The vibrant colour has associations with gold, wealth, sunshine, happiness, optimism and pleasure, why wouldn't we want to bring more yellow into our lives :)

Our eyes are most sensitive to yellow which is why is the easiest colour for the human eye to see, even when you're not looking directly at it. It stimulates your memory and nervous system and it also encourages communication.

After being such a positive optimistic colour we absolutely should use it more in our homes! Here are some inspirational uses of yellow to brighten your spaces, from bold and big, to subtle pops and accents, you may like to add some to your home after seeing these :)

A clever way for an off-centre window accent

Wouldn't you feel happy looking at yourself in this yellow trim mirror?

Bringing yellow into the bedroom in bold or subtle ways can be done with rugs, pillows, throws, paint or accessories.

Want to change a boring window into something fantastic? Paint it yellow for a happy and sunny look

Or how about just the window sill?
 Adding a gorgeous piece of yellow furniture to any room will  add that perfect pop of yellow. I’m loving this buffet in yellow!
And this is from my house I have a few pops of yellow because I love the cheery colour it makes me happy!

What do you think of yellow?

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Etsy Finds ♥ August

Monday, August 25, 2014

Keeping warm in Winter

Even though here in Tassie we are almost two-thirds of the way through winter I haven't got used to the cold weather yet... and to make things worse its not going to get warmer as soon as spring hits.. doesn't warm up till about November here! But that's what winter is all about, and really its not such a bad thing... I mean how nice is it to be able to snuggle up in a nice throw, with the heater cracking, a warm cup of tea, reading an interior design magazine... winter isn't so bad after all.

So to help keep you warm in the nights, and to style your home during the day, here are some wonderfully beautiful throws and rugs you can scoop up online or instore, and hopefully give you some inspiration for styling your home.






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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Black Ocean Firehouse NYC

This former firehouse in New York City built in 1895 has had a stunning renovation, with a conversion into officespaces by architect Rafael de Cárdenas and the leaseholder, media and tech company Black Ocean. 

The design kept plenty of character from its history and the four storey building has many of its original windows and the intricate brickwork façade, although now painted a very cool black.  The building also retained a fully-restored 1929 FDNY Emergency call box/fire alarm, and a section of the original fire pole.

Looking from the outside it may seem like its poky and dark inside, but far from it... the interior is open and light filled with crisp white walls and pops of neon colour in the artwork, as well as beautiful soft parquet timber or cool concrete flooring.
It also features my favourite style chevron window treatments, has a rooftop terrace, and a rear courtyard for some outdoor space.

Take a look at some of the before photos ....

The transformation of the façade looks beautiful don't you agree? 







 I'm constantly amazed at the creativity of some people and that they are able to put this into reality! I love it!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Block Glasshouse - Guest Rooms & Study

Another week over and another room (or two!) revealed on The Block Glasshouse.  This time we got to see the guest room and study.  It is amazing what they can achieve in a week, not only the planning and organising but purchasing and styling of the rooms as well. 

They all did a marvellous job and the judges winners AND the blockhead voted winner were the same tea this week.... Dee & Darren!

They had a very small room to work with but they have done a beautiful job.  I do love the herringbone parquetry floor that we have just begun to see which they are doing throughout their apartment. Its so very chic!
Chris and Jennas reveal didn't get many good reviews from the judges but I think they did a great job. I love the timber feature bedhead, it softens the room from the grey and black bedding, furniture and artwork.
 Max and Karsten delivered a really nice room, although again the judges weren't huge fans of it.  I love their simplistic design with pops of colour.  The concrete floor is a modern touch with the elegant furniture and bedhead.
 The boys Shannon and Simon are a great design team, they have a really sleek look, very well thought out and designed.  Im loving the X O artwork. Not so sure on the velvet orange bedspread but it is definitely a talking point!  Overall a really great room.
I really like Michael and Carlene's style. Its a bit rustic and natural, but with modern inflections.  The exposed brickwork is such a nice element and Im loving the brass pendant lights! Very in vogue at the moment!!

What did you think of the rooms this week?

Photos courtesy of Jump-In

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bachelor Pad

I'm in love with this bachelor pad in Moscow designed by M2 Project.  The beautiful use of grey throughout, its mix of retro posters and furniture yet modern style oozes a fun type of elegance yet with a masculine flair. 

This is exactly the type of apartment I picture Lawrence (from Offspring!) and his designer stubble! Total sophistication!

Photos courtesy of HomeDsgn

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