Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lets talk about brass...

Im a big fan of copper accents in interior design, its such a lovely timeless warm tone that adds glamour but is still modern.  There are so many clever ways to use it in your home, you may have seem some in an old post on copper here.

But now theres a new kid on the block.... brass...
hmmm.. Im not so sure about this....

I have been aware of the brass trend popping its head up recently, but always hoping it would go away. I wasn't a fan... 

But now after seeing some really amazing uses of it in interior design, yes...... ok........I admit it, its got me too.

I mean how can you not like these polished brass cabinets in this beautiful kitchen by Australia-based designer  Fiona Lynch 

Like gold, the yellow tones of brass were considered to be old fashioned, but when used in the right way it really can be quite modern and spectacular, transforming a simple living space into something rather stunning.

 What do you think?
Bower House, in Islington, by London architects Dominic McKenzie

Brass-clad kitchen island bench by architects Sandell Sandberg. Photograph by Pia Walin. 


Ok this one isn't actually brass but it does look like it, so Ive included it in this post as well. Designer Jean-Louis Deniot covered his kitchen joinery in warm hammered silver 
Brass-clad island bench in Auckland, New Zealand by architect Michael O'Sullivan and his partner, Melissa Schollum. Photograph by Patrick Reynolds.
Beautiful brass freestanding bath

What do you think of this trend? There are some pretty exciting uses of brass out there aren't there!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kathryn Tyler Corkellis House

Many of us dream of it but not so many of us actually get the chance to design and decorate our own dream home from scratch! But that is what UK's Falmouth-based interior designer Kathryn Tyler of Linea Studio has be so lucky to be able to do.

The Corkellis House located in Cornwall England is a two storey contemporary designed  home  featuring beautiful mid-century Scandinavian furniture and personalised decorative treasures from second-hand stores and online purchases.  This mix of décor brings warmth and personality to the home. “It’s far more satisfying to give new life to an old object than to just pick something from a catalog,” says Kathryn. 
 The building is constructed of painted brickwork for the ground floor and red cedar horizontal cladding which will weather and turn a beautiful grey, for the first floor. 

The beautiful crisp white interior is refreshing and bright with large windows attracting the sunlight, while the timber accents throughout the house, such as the Scandinavian inspired furniture, the wooden staircase and intricate parquet flooring adds warmth and texture.

And dont think that you need a lot of money to achieve the look Kathryn has created, the dining table below cost $30, the poster $3, and the set of 1950s Carl Jacobs Jason chairs she snagged on eBay for $400. What bargain finds!

The cleverly designed staircase is not only a design feature but also doubles as additional storage to show off homewares and Kathryn's gorgeous collections.


I love this house that Kathryn's created, the intricate details in the construction and choice of colour and décor create a very beautiful, calming, welcoming, warm happy home.  Here are her tips on creating a home just perfect for you.

Kathryn's Design Tips (courtesy of Dwell)
Stick to your instincts and avoid trends

“If you’re a fan of a particular era then keep an eye out for things in that style and add them gradually. They will always work well together.”

Do your research
“The difference between the most expensive quote and the cheapest we received for building materials was almost double. If you are in a rush you will get ripped off, because people will recognize that and charge a premium.”

Storage is critical
“It’s something that always gets overlooked but it’s actually the most important thing. I calculated the linear footage
of the books I own to make sure everything would fit!”

Futureproof your space
“Analyse what you have now and anticipate how much storage you’ll need in five or ten years.”
Consider handmade and vintage pieces
“Vintage and craftsman-made furniture is often of higher quality. Spending more on something that is beautifully made and will last could save you from investing twice!”
Use international versions of auction websites
“If you’re looking for Swedish design, try Swedish eBay. It’s likely to be much cheaper there.”

You can see more of Kathryn's work at Linea Studio
Photos permission from Kathryn Tyler 

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Friday, July 25, 2014


Flowers and plants are a wonderful decorating tool that brings life to your house. I'm by no means a green thumb, infact anything I try to grow has always died in the past... but I'm turning over a new leaf (pardon the pun!) and have been right into planting flowers and vegetables in my newly made-over backyard.
I would love to be able to go out at any time of the year and pick my own flowers to decorate my home! that's my plan.... I planted 100 daffodil bulbs just last weekend! as well as lillies and peonies...

Peonies are my absolute favourite flower, and I'm really looking forward to showing off my flowers in my home when they bloom.  Here's some of the images that have given me inspiration.






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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Epitome of relaxation

Laying in a hammock is very relaxing, and having a bath is absolutely relaxing... so why not put the two together... well this was the concept for the design of the Hammock bathtub from design studio SplinterWorks.  They were "inspired to develop a piece that would provide the ultimate vehicle for total escapism. "  And boy have they done this in this beautiful carbon fibre hammock bath vessel.

At 2.7m long, the vessel is longer than standard baths, leaving plenty of room to share the experience. They can also custom make sizes to suit your individual needs, as well as offer different colours, in red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze and pure silver.

It certainly takes relaxation to a new level!     

What do you think of this bath?    I think its pretty awesome.!         
All photos from Splinterworks
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Find a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life!

I would love to be doing my dream job and working from home full time! Making my own hours, working in a space that's just perfect for me, a space to feed my inspiration no be boring like most corporate offices are.... But until that day Ill just have to get by with dreaming about my perfect home office.... bright, cheery, delicately styled, inspirational and comfortable.
Here are some fabulous home offices to give you inspiration for yours..

Love the pop of pink with this table! The thin frame and glass table top is great for a small zone because it doesn't impact too much onto the room or take up a lot of visual space. I also love the stripped wall board for inspiration or ideas or just photos!

Grey and pink are a lovely elegant colour pallet creating this very calming and beautiful home office space.



What a good idea for the use of these storage systems than to create a home office out of them!

 This feather wallpaper by Ferm Living is stunning! I love wallpaper behind an office space it looks beautiful!
I don't know many of us women that WOULD have a spare closet... but if youre lucky enough to have one this is a great space saving idea that also can hide away your home office when you want to...
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