Friday, February 8, 2013

Starting over.

Starting again is hard.

I've had some major life changes over the last few years, I've made a lot of mistakes, and I have come to learn that I can't change the past. I can only change the future.

I've learned that even though you love someone, you can't always be with them.
I've learned that time doesn't heal all wounds.
I've learned that blood is thicker than water. And the people that you thought would always be there for you, might not be able to forgive the mistakes you made.
I've learned that everyone's different. And until you walk in someone else's shoes I don't believe you can judge a person for their decision, their mistake, or the situation that happened.
I have wonderful friends and family and I am so lucky to have so much love in my life.

Now I'm on the road to discover myself (not that I really know what that means!?) but I want to live life. No plans. No worrying about the future. Just enjoy the moment and do what makes me happy at the time.


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