Monday, January 19, 2015

Tropical Paradise

Most of us aren't lucky enough to live in a tropical paradise, but that doesn't mean we cant make our home feel like we do! Decorating your home with a tropical feel creates a very relaxed fun and bright place, laid back and stress-free! and who doesn't want that! :)
You can bring real life tropical plants into your home or go for oversized tropical prints like banana leafs and greenery on wallpaper, fabric, cushion, bedheads, artwork.... the options are endless !
These fabulous larger-than-life prints are certainly make a statement. Just be sure that the other d├ęcor items in your room is kept subtle so it doesn't compete with this fabulous tropical theme.

Take some inspiration from these homes, they do the tropical theme with such confidence and they look great!



What do you think? I want to go out and buy some banana leaf cushions right now!

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Shipping Container Living

I love the idea of turning a shipping container into a place to live, whether it be your home, studio, granny flat, holiday house...

This isn't a new concept and its been done for a long time all over the world, its popularity particularly high because it is a cost effective product, readily available, made of steel so they are really strong, and are also designed to stack on top of each other which is great if you want a double storey!

And if you want to add some design flair the options are endless, wrapping the container in timber slats to create a modern feel, adding decks, colourful facades, lining internally with plasterboard or timber...anything you like!

If this is something youre interested in, you'd just have to check with your local council that your design meets the Building Code of Australia and energy star rating for an energy efficiency home.

Check out these fabulous homes that have been created from shipping containers!

 Even restaurants have gotten in on the trend like this awesome pop up Mexican resultant in London... isn't it fabulous!

What a fantastic idea! Now all I need to do is find some land to put my shipping container on..... :)

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