Friday, September 26, 2014

Graffiti Art

If you love to make a statement in your home, if you want something edgy, exciting, colourful and something different to make an impact ... then graffiti may just be the right thing for you!  It certainly isn't a new design trend but its probably something that not many people think of for the interior design of their home.
Graffiti can look amazing for a feature wall, and is perfect in place of artwork as it is a work of art in itself. 

Its a fabulous way of expressing who you are or  what you like, and says a lot about your personality.  It would be perfect for a teenagers room as it stimulates the imagination and encourages expression outside the box! 

If you're not brave enough to paint graffiti straight on your walls how about a hanging graffiti artwork instead?
There are lots of ideas to give you some inspiration!

 What do you think of using graffiti inside? Would you do it in your home?

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